Forbidden Union


Dazed by the black eyes of a spell

Mankind trials the forbidden union

Along with odd tenderness

Now they cry and bleed

Peerless, Perishable




Aeonic Tide


A graceful neutrality

Prevails over the marks of wrath

And overcomes fake silk semblances

No self denials, nor trembling tides

Eternal instants of gentle memories

Heating hazes at lone nights.





Exposed to the winds of disgust and delight

The Heremit stared at the crowd from beyond the valley for too long

He became then, as huge as a mountain, as strong as a stone, as cold as ice

Nothing could pierce his armor or touch him for good anymore

Love and Hate were merely different sides of a coin they tossed at his chest

Whereas he awaits for Venus furor.

coverart artus scheiner

Emerging Urge



The lesser barriers that were shattered

Could be gently dispelled

Or even used like a step

To reach the center of Triad

Where lies his urging thirst





Doomed by the entropic unconscious

Arouse, children of Earth

In search for a new tomorrow

A way to the reign of The Ancient

Away from the consciousness woe